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M9 doesnt remove WMI on the screen, however ONE sends 0/0

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I have an M9, ive had issues finding the settings server address, think i have now found it.


When it has a message the MWI works on the M9 (get the right softkey and mail icon), however Snom ONE sends the MWI info as 0/0 but the M9 doesnt remove it.


Snom Log file shows:

[6] 2011/12/01 19:28:01:Reg 693, Sent MWI notification 0/0 (0/0) to user 41@network.ashleygriffin


However the M9 which is extension 41 still shows the MWI icon (shows the icon and softkey)..... this may be settings related.....


I have used this URL in the "http ://" in the Provisioning Server


If i use this url in a browser it does pull up an XML file with firmware and settings URL (firmware is correct but i cant get the settings URL to show in a web browser which is http ://



The webpage for the M9 base unit says this:

Messages-Waiting: no

Message-Account: sip:841@network.ashleygriffin

Voice-Message: 0/0 (0/0)


Why would the hand set be showing a message?



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