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Polycom - trick to getting "intercom" to work?


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Got a pair of Polycom IP601 sets running SIP 3.1.7, snom ONE SoHo running 2011- Had "intercom" feature working great on them with a Trixbox solution. Now really struggling to get it working on the snom ONE. The sets just ring normally when the intercom prefix is applied (*90xxx).


We made sure there were no other registrations of the extensions in use, and set permissions to allow sets to 'intercom' (feature works fine on the snom sets here, incidentally.) Then, we altered standard Polycom phonexxxx.cfg files to reflect what we *think* snom ONE's INVITE message might contain regarding alerting on an intercom call, e.g.:


<alertInfo voIpProt.SIP.alertInfo.2.value="intercom" voIpProt.SIP.alertInfo.2.class="4" />


Also tried "answer-after" as a value. No joy.


Ideas? Suggestions? Start drinking? (kidding)


Any thoughts appreciated.

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It is all about provisioning the Polycom right. From the old pbxnsip days we know that the key was to provision the phone so that it would react on a Alert-Info with the content "Auto Answer". Not sure how much time you want to put into this; but for sure you have to provision the phone right and then add a line to the ringtones.xml file that tells the PBX to send the magic word "Auto Answer".


Maybe the easiest is to find an old pbxnsip binary that does this right and then copy the generated PnP files into the tftp folder and provision the phones from there. I think you can also use the search-engine-of-your-choice using the words "pbxnsip polycom auto answer". The search-engine-of-your-choice does not forget!

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So, we poked around and could not find a "ringtones.xml" on the snomONE SoHo build to alter. Found a 'modified for 'intercom use' file here:




We placed it in the HTML directory, as suggested in the thread above, and re-started. (No idea how a current snomONE build (-5021) will refer out to that 'ringtones.xml' file.)


Double checked that Polycom xxxxx.cfg file tells the set to use the right ring behavior in response to an "Auto Answer" in Alert-Info, as noted in many places.


Still, no joy.. Sets just ring away like normal. Suggestions?

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Thanks for your reply. Excellent question, but I'm unable to inspect the 601's logs, so don't know for certain. Regarding the web interface, this is a SoHo build.. how might I load that file (=step by step for a snom newbie, pls) via the SoHo admin interface?

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It might be wise to use a PC for experimental things to keep life easier. Then when it is clear, you can move the stuff to the embedded platform.


You should be able to see the SIP packets in the PBX log. Just turn the SIP packet logging on for call-related SIP packets.


There used to be a page where you can upload ringtones.xml; seems like that page was removed during the update to the web template model where you can modify the web pages directly through the web interface (admin/web page control/phone/pnp/ringtones.xml). Not sure if this has immediate effect... Maybe you can try to modify the snom phone header first and see if you get a change (looking at the phone SIP trace) without reboot and if that is okay, you can add other user-agent types there.

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