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Hunt Group Ringback Tone


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I was wondering if it's possible to specify a custom ringback tone on hunt groups.

I've been trying but i couldn't get it to work.


In fact even if i specify one extension in the hunt group, and on that extension i configure the custom ringback tone, when calling the hunt group it doesn't work. but when calling the extension directly, i have the customized ringback.


Any ideas?


Thank you and happy holidays

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I believe so far the only way for this is to change the ringback.wav file on the file system. However that would apply to all calls, not just to a specific hunt group. You might be able to treak it a little with the ringback country selection, but franky the feature does not really exist for the hunt group. For more complex things we always recommend to use the ACD; there you have a lot of settings to customize the behavior.

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Thank you for your reply.

In fact the Auto Attendant initially reveives the call, and then redirects it to a hunt group in function of the time of the day.

I have already defined the corresponding messages to play on the AutoAttendant, but if i define the redirection destination, it doesn't play the message before redirecting. that's why i thought of changing the ringback tone.


Best wishes for 2012

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Actually, there is a setting for each user called "rf" (check the xml files in the users directory) and there is also a way to set this location in the domain (domains/nnn.xml xml tag "rb"). I am not aware about a way to control this from the web interface, but this should work for hunt groups, ACD, and for extension calls.

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I tried searching for the RF in the users xml files, but i only have the following values:









i couldn't find the RB value neither on the domain xml file


should i define the RF value in the corresponding extension? if so, could you explain to my the syntax to use please?


Thank you

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You can add just something like this: <rf>recordings/personal_ringback123.wav</rf>. Please notice that the tags in XML are case sensitive. Also, you need to restart the PBX to get this working (maybe try this out on a test system). And, as always when experimenting, make a backup of the PBX working directory so that if you screw something up, you can restore the content.

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In fact the global scenario is as follows:

- Someone calls the general number of the office, and arrives on an auto attendant

- Dependant on the time of call, the AA redirects the call to a message stating that the office is closed, or make the call ring a group of phones.

- If the call is reveived during open hours, the caller should be hearing a message telling him that the call will be treated shortly. At the same time, the phones should be ringing.


The scenario i managed to configure is the same as above, only with one exception. The "Your call will be treated shortly" message is played, then the phones start to ring. So this actually increases the waiting time of the caller (the message is approximately 25 seconds long).

This is why i thought of having a custom ringback tone on the corresponding hunt group.

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Hello, the easiest thing to do is to create an agent group then add your recordings to greeting number 1. Leave greeting 0 empty. While the greeting is playing the phones will be ringing. Also from caller setup you would have to select, no ring back tone continue playing music. You could also set a ringback tone as your music on hold.

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Hi Broz,


Thank you for your response, i will try to test this on a test platform.


Meanwhile, Snom have released the new 4.5 versions, and as i saw on these versions we can assign a custom ringback tone to hunt groups.

Did the upgrade today, and all incoming calls were failing lol

So i was in the obligation to roll back to 4.3-5021


Will try again this evening to see what was going wrong

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