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One Trunk / Multiple DID / Choose from Dialplan

Jeremy Salmon

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The way to get this working is to use the ANI as a list. In the extension setting, you can not only put one ANI there, you can actually put a list of ANI there (sepersted by spaces). If you want to link a ANI to a specific trunk, you can put the trunk name in front of it, e.g. "Trunk1:3392271234 9781234567". Then on "Trunk1" it would use the 339 number, otherwise by default the 978 number for this extension.

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hmmm ... Thanks for this idea ...


But not working for me.


I have 9 DID for 9 geographic area ...


In asterisk I wrote Set(CALLERID(num)=33144675643 in my dialplan to rewrite the outgoing callerid ...


In this post you talked about dialplan replacement parameters : http://forum.snomone.com/index.php?/topic/3412-dialplan-replacement/


What is parameter 1,2,3 ???



The last solution is to subscribe 9 trunk to my provider ... but it's expensive .... 2 euros for a DID, 12 euros for a trunk ... :(

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You dont have to purchase new trunks. Just create more trunks with the same outbound proxy and set them to outbound only (no inbound). Then you can select the right trunk from the dropdown in the dial plan. You can use the trunk text mode to quickly copy & paste a trunk.


Trunks can also have their own ANI, so you dont have to do this for each extension; you can also do it on trunk basis.

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