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PB with Second call comming


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Do you have any firewalls in the middle that may be blocking ports on the pbx?

it sounds like your having a one-way-audio issue. Can you provide with a sip-trace from the pbx?



follow these instruction so you capture the trace.






I ve got one way audio only when a second call arived when it stop ringin everything is ok.


My config is snom one blue ( + 30 snom phones (300 , 821 and M9 a lot of pb with M9) network + one Patton 4638 (


Tomorrow i capture the trace

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I ve done some more test and the result is :

with SNOM M9 (45 ext) no pb

with snom 320(40 ext) no pb

with snom 870 or 821(41 ext) pb when a second call ring when i m on line the first peoople who call me don't hear me when the 2 call stop ringing it's ok again


the problem is also with a client who have 4.3 and patton 4638 or in our office with 4.5 + SIP OVH TRUNK the codec who is used is G711a



log snomone.txt

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