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snom one SOHO

dust mite

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We just purchased a snom one SOHO. 4.5. It was unresponsive to accessing thru mac address. We found it in the DHCP server leases, and accessed it. After giving it a static address, activating the license and disabling multicast, we set it back to DHCP. It is now unresponsive. We connected it to a machine running wireshark, and see no network traffic at all.

Currently we find no documentation on reseting the SOHO using the reset button on the box.

Is there a way to re-image it using a USB?

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If you connect an Ethernet cable directly between the PC and the box you might have the simple problem that the polarities are not okay and there is no link (old problem, all switches have automatic discovery today, no more "uplink", but many endpoint like PC dont have autodetection). Ideally you should use an Ethernet hub, but most switches are also okay and you should see at least some IPv6 annoucements.


Not even IPv6 messages going out?! If you have a static IPv4 address, you would obviously not see any DHCP traffic. I guess this one then needs to go back to the snom clinic, seems like only JTAG will help to reanimate it.

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