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VOIP for Mid-Large size Businesses


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If you google you will see 100s of company calming as VOIP service provider leader. I need help finding realizable VOIP service provider(s). Does anyone know of any company that has solid network and presently offering their services to mid to large size businesses? We do not wish to deal with startup companies. We do not care about the cost, what matter to our clients is the services and features. We are looking to replace the standard phone lines with VOIP using pbxnsip as PBX.



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Two companies come to Mind


cbeyond in atlanta I think, they have a national presence and use multiple Class5 softswitches (CiscoBTS10200 rev5) extremely, extremely redundant. My local carrier has same switch on smaller scale but no national presence. (we and clients have been 100% Voip for 4 years) and I have real analog Fax lines on my provided IADs. not many VoIP carriers offer real fax lines.


Another is a Wholesale only provider NGT, that offers VoIP to larger interconnects. I can specify an agent that represents a larger Telecom provider.


something I just recently learned, is that many small ILEC phone companies have no agreements with the national ViOP providers recognizing their area telephone extensions and in more than one case. moving a client to a VoIP telephone number has resulted in calls across the street being long distance. You'll apreciate having a strong agent that know the tarriffs to get fixes for this stuff in hours vs. weeks, months or never. It's a real surprise to clients and you if your on the hook..

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