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turn off blf picking up another ringing extensions call


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Unfortunately we do not have that option. I believe in the older versions, we had that option. But so many folks complained about wasting 1 extra button for that, when BLF can do both pickup and monitor.


So, if you do not want to pickup the call, don't press the button - that was the reasoning we got from the customers.


Do you really see the need for it, beyond the above reasoning?

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okay, how do we set a button that shows the in call/not in call of another and allows 1 button calling that user BUT does NOT pickup another persons calls?



1-For example we have a very busy Console operater and if she tries to transfer a call to an extension that happens to be ringing---it connects the call she is tranfering and the other ringing call!


2-number 2: employees can too easily pickup the CEO's phone.


#1 is the huge issue.

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AFAIK(at least more than a year), we have been always doing monitor & pickup on the same button (BLF). I do see the issue #1 and for that we may have to introduce "just monitoring" option. Today the BLF is used to monitor, call pickup & speed dial functionality. May be the new one can just be monitor (& not sure about having the speed dial functionality on that button).

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The options that are absolutely essential:

#1-buttons speed dial and monitor

#2-buttons that do what it does now


think about: you're saying if we have 20 extensions and we have to have 20 buttons for monitor and 20 buttons for transfer for a receptionist? #1 the sheer amount of buttons needed and #2, you got to look at one button for monitor and thens transfer using another button? (are you guys in the real world? ;-) this is a bit crazy, if i may be blunt.

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