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SnomOne_Appliance Logging In help Reqd.


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Am testing Snom One Appliance on Vmware. It is the Beta Corona Austrinids version.

Took some effort installing as had to export it via Vmware Workstation as Vsphere did not like the Hard Drives.


Could you please advise the login details? I have tried admin and left the password blank, but it does not like it?



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The PBX login should be admin / no password. But the ssh is root / snomONE


I have not used the VMSphere admin interface. But we use "VMWare Infrastructure Web Access" portal to add the new virtual machine.


  • Manually download the snomONE virtual appliance zip file to the inventory location/folder and extract it. Generally it extracts to snomONE_VM folder.
  • Then choose option "add existing VM" from the VMWare web access and navigate to snomONE_VM folder and select the .vmx file
  • Click OK


This should add the VM to the inventory. Now you can start the VM.


We can also provide the OVF/OVA formatted file. Let us know if that makes it easier for you.

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OK - I made a mistake!


When the virtual machine starts it has a message:


To manage this VM browse to https://x.x.x.x:5480/


This is misleading as I was trying to login as admin on port 5480 when it should have been port 80 :) for the pbx interface.


I can confirm that


UN: root / snomONE - Works for SSH and Login via web interface on port 5480.


I would be happy to test if you need?




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I can confirm the OVA install via vSphere Client went extremely well. No problems at all!



VSphere Client

1)File Menu> Deploy OVF Template

2) Choose source OVA file

3) View template Details

4)Accept License

5)Name & Location of Apppliance

6) Choose Host

7) Choose Disk Format - Thin or Thick Provisioned [ I have tested with Thick ]

8)Option to setup network requirements during install, but can be left blank for defaults.

9) Finish to Complete


Very Good..



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