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service flag for cell phone times


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we have a service flag which is active during our non office hours (so it's clear during the office hours). The servie flag is used to control the night mode of the hunt groups for automatic redirection to the voice mail system. This works very well but if I use the same service flag for my cell phone times (Specify time when system calls the cell phone) it simply works the other way around. During the office hours my cell phone is getting called, if the service flag is set in the night no calls go to my cell phone. Is this the intended behavior so that I've to setup a second service flag which negates the first one or is this a bug?


btw we're using "v2011- Beta Corona Austrinids (Debian32)"

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Yes, it is intended behavior. The "time boundaries" are used to say when to call the cell phone.


ok, this make sense to me, so I created a new service flag which negates the times of the night mode flag. Negating the daily times is easy, but how do negate the holidays? Example:

Our night mode service flag (which controls the voice mail) got the daily time frame from 08:00-18:00 with holidays on 12/24 12/25 12/26. So this switch is always on from 18:01 to 07:59 and in the holidays the whole day.


To create a service flag for my cell phone which says this should be active only in the outside office hours I used the daily time frame from 18:01-23:59 and 00:00-07:59. This works well, the switch is always clear while the pbx is in night mode, but how do I enter the holidays? If I enter the same dates as above the cell phone won't work on 12/24 12/25 12/26 the whole day.


Any ideas?


btw I would vote for a new negating service flag which says "this flag is set if flag(s) number xxx and xxx are set".

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