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How to access WAC in Beta Corona Austrinids


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I upgraded SnomONE to Beta Corona Austrinids (version on CentOS 64) last night and now see that on the login screen for the PBX, the "Console" login-type is gone. Due to extreme limitations with the snom Vision operator panels, our operators rely very heavily on the WAC.


How can I get them logged in to this?


I couldn't find any mention of this functionality being removed in the release notes. It's great that you show all the new features and bug fixes, but if you're removing major functionality from the PBX, that probably should be mentioned as well.


Thank you

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We are working on a windows based attended console at the moment as a substitute for WAC.


"We're working on something better" is great; glad to hear that. What's the release date?

What exactly are my operators supposed to do for presence monitoring in the mean time?


This? The snom phone application

We have desk phones. We don't need to dial numbers from our computer. Our operators need to be able to see if User X is on another call before transferring someone to them.


Our attendants used the WAC simply to see if we had users on another call or not. Not a lot of other features worked in it. I saw the other forum postings; it's unsupported, we're working on something better, and I accepted that. But replacing partially functioning code with a promise that you're working on something else is not a good way to keep a customer happy. And doing so without warning is an even worse idea.


We've got more than 70 Snom 870 phones deployed in our facility with a blue license for SnomONE. The Snom Vision, marketed as an operator panel, flat doesn't work for a company our size. So we've made due with the WAC, while waiting for the Vision to be improved to the point that it would actually be useful. Now we're left with Visions that don't do much good, and no WAC.


So what are my options here? I'd love to see a PM on how to re-enable the WAC. Hopefully I can customize some htm files and bring it back to life for our deployment. If it's not that simple, what can we use for centralized busy/idle status monitoring on 70+ phones?


Thank you.

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there is someone that make a sip based attendantconsole that is compatible with snomone/pbxnsip. i can't think iof the name right now...perhap snom can help?


(the option i'm thinking of DOES cost)


This'n? Voice Operator Panel It definitely costs.


If there's a beta version of the PAC (assuming it's different from the snom phone application), I'd be willing to give it a try. Just need _something_ that shows idle/busy for the operators.


Thank you.

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Thanks Steve & Matt. I appreciate your responses and advice.


Are there any other suggestions on monitoring on-call extensions? Any SOAP calls I could pop from a web server? A newer beta of the PAC?

I've scheduled a maintenance window to downgrade SnomONE this evening unless a suitable solution can be found to hold us over until a working PAC is available.


Thank you,


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