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snom ONE SoHo


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We have a new snom ONE SoHo and configured it without any problems. However, we then changed the IP address to put it in to service and it stated that it needed a power cycle for the chages to take effect. We did this and since then we have not been able to access either by IPV4 address (old or new) or IPV6 IP address. We have also been unable to ping it, or access it using SHH (tried both port 22 & port 8722). We even downloaded Wireshark and are unable to see any network traffic from it. We have even tried resetting it using the small PIN hole reset using a paperclip with no success!







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You should still be able to access it on console. On http://plugcomputer.org/plugwiki/index.php/GuruPlug#Serial there is a description on the PIN layout, and there are affordable hardware tools available to connect your PC with the console.


Or just ship it to the snom RMA department, they'll be able to take care about it as well.


I wonder why the IPv6 is not available, no matter what that address should always be available.

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Yes, being unable to access via IPV6 address is very strange as nothing was changed there.


And.. to provide an update to any others with a similar issue, snom Tech Support's response is below, it's very fortunate that this snom SoHo hadn't made it out to a client, I'm not feeling at all confident now about these now as I've also found out that several others have had similar issues with these units failing for no apparent reason. :(




Hi Mike


This unit will need to be RMA'd via your distributor.



|-- snom ONE UK Support --|

UK tel: +44 1133 503 111

German tel: +49 30 39833 140




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I am sure that the box is technically still intact, however something got screwed up with the interfaces. A look at the console will tell what the problem is.


We will come out with another version that will include a factory reset button, so that such changes from the web interface can be undone by pressing the physical button.


However the openess of the system does have the consequence that people can log in, for example delete the whole file system or remove the program which controls the reset button; so there will never be a 100 % way to make sure the box does not get screwed up. People who are taking advantage of the openess should keep the serial console cable ready, so that they can always login on RS232 and get the system back under control.


I think this is reasonable: the benefits of giving integrators the possibility to do real cool things with the box outweights the danger that something gets screwed up.

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