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Hunt Group not working after SNOM ONE uprgade

SFX Group

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I have 1 trunk, it forwards to extension 72.


72 is a hunt group with 21 41 42 for 20 seconds then 821 as final.


At random if i change the above extension around, phones don’t ring in the group, resulting in calls going straight to 821 with a message recorded. I am sure this worked fine before upgrading to 2011- (Windows 64 bit).


I can call all extensions with no problems from all phones and they ring as they should. however with an external call 1 phone might ring, the other might show the message light flashing, however if i pick up this call it doesn’t connect. Seems like SNOM isn’t routing the SIP to all phones, just sending the "message flahs" message, however i can only pick the call up on the phone that actually rings.


Depending if i change the extension on the hunt group will depend IF a phone will ring, sometimes just putting 1 extension in there will result it jumping to the last one (821).... ideas???



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I had another thread on this (Extenstion not ring like DND, however i have confirmed it being the HUNT GROUP not the phone


When i add a phone (can be random) to a hunt group, i get the below error in the PBX log on an extenstion that doesnt ring.



Warning: 304 x-snom-adr "No supported media type found"



However if i call this phone internally from another extension works fine, if i put this extension as the default in the trunk it works fine, add this extension to the hunt group and it doesn't work...


TRUNK > 72 (hunt group for 21, 41, 42 15 seconds then 821). 42 never rings (its been reset, TFTP, gets provisioned perfectly)

TRUNK > 42 works fine

21 >42 works fine


Playing with the hunt group showed some odd stuff, i have SNOM ONE FREE, i have 2 hunt groups, both do the same thing!


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Seems that the number of RTP ports on the PBX was not enough and the PBX was simply running out of RTP ports when forking to another device.


How is this fixed? SNOM ONE is on server 2008 with a local firewall running, i can turn the firewall off however what do i need to change to sllow more ports?

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Ive extended the ports from 10001-10005 to 10001-10020 (the range of 10001> is used by the VOIP.MS service we have).


Restarted the SNOM ONE service, turned off Windows firewall (for testing) this seems to have fixed the problem. I then added these ports to Windows firewall, turned on WIndows firewall and its still working. Looks like problem fixed, wil update in a week to make sure its still ok.


Many Thanks

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