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snom one plus auto provisioning not working


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Hi All


Auto provisioning of snom one plus is not working as compared to the windows version of it.


Snom one plus cannot detect the presence of a snom phone but the windows version of its software is able to provide the necessary provisioning configuration.


I have followed the steps on the snom one wiki on how to setup the auto provisioning of snom one using the snom one plug and play tutorial


based on the tutorial, i have found some parameters missing on the snom one plus plug and play settings which maybe i am thinking that it may be the cause


of the auto provisioning (plug and play feature) not to work..




thank you so much

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There should not be any difference between the windows version and the snomONE plus version. Please make sure that you do not have any custom files under the 'html' or the 'webpages' folder (these folders are available under the PBX working directory. Generally, /usr/local/snomONE for Linux versions)

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Make sure that "Listen to sip.mcast.net" is turned "ON" on "admin-settings" if it's off you will have to activate it and restart the service.


You can also add a route to the system as well.


navigate to the "server console"

Network Configuration---->Routing and Gateways--->Static routes


and add a route of and choose the active interface on the system.

reboot the system and try to pnp.


also when you restart the system take a peek at the log-file to verify that we are advertising sip mcast

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