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Caller hears white noise


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Ok, so in the scenario I have the phones are remote to the Snom One PBX, and I have turned on TLS.

When RTP Encryption (SRTP) is also ON on the 820 phones, the caller hears white noise after the call has been picked up.

(When someone calls in through the trunk and a Snom 820 extension picks up the call)


Does this mean that my trunk provider does not support SRTP?



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The PBX does "SRTP transcoding", that means one side can be unencrypted and the other side is encrypted. Maybe you have a old firmware for the 820 that does not decode the SRTP right: Every SRTP packet contains a checksum, and a packet should not be played back when the checksum is incorrect. In the case that something went wrong with the key exchange, you should not hear anything, not white thunder-loud white noise.

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