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SNOM 370 - headset


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We upgraded from pbxnsip to snom one a few days ago.


I have a client that is telling me "when we pick up a call using our headsets, we have to press the headset button on the snom 370 before we can answer the call. Used to be you didn't have to do that unless you had been on speaker immediately previously.".



So I guess after upgrading to snom one there must be something configured differently in the snom_3xx_phone.xml that wasn't in the pbxnsip version? I looked at a pbxnsip version and compared it to my snom one version but nothing jumps out at me.


Any idea what setting inside snom one that is now forcing my client to press the actual headset button on the snom 370 in order to answer a call?


The customers headset is a snom Headset HS-MM 2, plugged into the snom 370 phone.



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Guest kevin

I don't think there is any difference in the PnP templates in this area. I am a little confused on the post. It sounds like before they had auto answer turned on since they didn't have to touch anything on the phone to answer the call. Was this the case? If so then maybe it has something to do with autoanswer=0.

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