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calls get ramdomly disconnected


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since a week a lot of calls get disconnected.

the log shows: Call completed elsewhere


what would that mean?


[5] 20120530092826: SIP Tr udp:

CANCEL sip:33@;rinstance=4B4B0635;origtr=tcp SIP/2.0

Via: SIP/2.0/UDP;branch=z9hG4bK-088004c1c6ea59d2b6ae26f1b7654bc3;rport

From: "XXX" <sip:XXXXXXXXXX@server.com;user=phone>;tag=1112993836

To: <sip:XX@server.com >

Call-ID: 6e11b158@pbx

CSeq: 31418 CANCEL

Max-Forwards: 70

Reason: SIP;cause=200;text="Call completed elsewhere"

Content-Length: 0 Delta Aurigids (MacOS)

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Guest kevin

That would infer that there are either multiple registrations on the extension where somebody picked up the call or you could have cell phone forking turned on the extension and the gateway sends the 200 OK back and then dials the cell phone. If you still can't figure it out send the whole trace for more clues.

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Guest kevin

Anything is possible if you have the routing not setup properly. I am seeing a lot of TR's in the trace which means we sent the request and did not get a response so we transmitted a repeating packet or basically just sent the same packet again since there was no response and it was on the private address. I didn't see a 200 OK on the call in the trace that I was following just the TR's. If you can clear the log and get a trace starting with the invite with nothing else in there I can forward it around for some other thoughts. If you have a dual NIC machine make sure the LAN NIC's default gateway is blank.

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hi kevin,



i did remove the router from the LAN nic.

that did not solve the issue...


the TR you are seeing is a iPhone app which is registered but not active... that should not be an issue....

this disconnects do not happen with every call. they feel tough to be totally random. on both out and incoming...


i pm'ed you the full trace form

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Guest kevin

The trace looked fine. How many phones are registered to that extension? The call completed elsewhere looks like it is due to the fact that you have multiple registrations on the extension and when one of them picks up we send the cancel to the other phones that we started ringing so they stop ringing. If you are getting calls randomly disconnecting I would focus on who sends the BYE and go from there. One tip is to make sure you turn off the subscribe/notify logging since they clog up the log file and another one is to make sure you have the admin email settings to send an email if the PBX disconnects the call. Then you know we did it since we did not see any media or we will let you know that one side hung up because they did not receive media and we attach the trace.

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