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Virtual Assistant Language


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I am not sure if this is the correct place on the forum to post this so appologies if not.


I have set the snomONE such that the language used is English UK and it all works well except for when the Virtual Assistant answers a call.


When the virtual assistant answers a call the language presented is USA English and not UK English. Would someone please advise where I can change this setting ?



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Thanks for the reply snom ONE


Yes, it's the cell phone virtual assistant that I'm taking about.


The UK audio files are there, in fact to get around the problem I have made a copy of the audio_uk folder and renamed it audio_en. It maybe a bit of an inelegant solution, but it worked.

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Well as we are adding features, we also add audio files... From time to time we re-record the language specific files, and then those updates include additions. A way to deal with this is to use theaudi_en directory, then rename it to audio_uk, and overwrite the prompots with the latest UK version, so that the US-version is there as the default file. As for the UK, I hope the users can live with US-prompts for time being.

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