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Provisioning problem when using IP replacement


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We did a new install today and noticed that when using IP replacement for SIP messages this also affects PnP provisioning. So now the phones (all are on LAN) are told to look for xml files on the public IP instead of the private IP. I know some firewalls can handle this but not the one used by this customer so the phones do not reach their provisioning files.


OK, I know we can edit the provisioning templates and hard code the local IP address there but I wanted to check with you if this behaviour is intended or maybe a bug and if there is a proper way to get around it?





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I would actually not use the IP replacement, instead use the routing list. Then you can have a list with the specific rules first and the generic rules at the end; essentially telling the PBX to overrule the OS routing table and use this table instread. With that you can usually get around such problems.

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