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3CX softphone (on iPhone) to SNOM ONE

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Ive just had an email from 3CX direct, telling me it would be a good idea to get another softphone (from Snom or other agent) as 3CX are going to charge money for there 3CX softphone if its not used with there own PBX... so that makes this thread pointless (although it never worked anyway)

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No problem with it here. It is our softphone of choice on the SnomOne systems although we will probably move to the Bria if 3CX become difficult .


We have it working well on PC's and iPhone

There doesn't seem to be anything special in the setup. We manage to talk end users through the install and setup process, very useful at times..


Just changed my iPhone from talking to my PBX to using a free Registered SIP number from an external ITSP before i posted this, no problem...must remember to change it back !

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