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Voice Mail Transfer

Bill H

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Is it possible to have a caller that is in a Mailbox enter a digit that will transfer them to the Mailbox owners cellphone?


I tried the cellphone number in the Mailbox Escape Account and it did not work.


I tried *77 + cellphone number and it did not work either.


I tried using the Mailbox Escape Account and sent the caller to a dummy account where is was set to Call forward all calls to: the cellphone and that worked OK.

It just uses up an additional account.


Any ideas or is it just not possible.



Bill H

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Yes, interesting thought. We would definitevely make this optional, as there are many problems associated with it (cost question, abuse, people you don't want to talk to, and last not least caller-ID is still a challenge for most PSTN gateways).


To answer your question, currently that is not possible...

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