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Snom Settings, which one is correct???


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Under fuctions keys what is the correct settings to for CO line apperances. I have a site that has different settings on different phones.


The Snom 300's have this:

Context: Active Type: Line Number: <sip:co1@>


The Snom 320's and 360's have this:

Context: Active Type: Line Number: co1


Customer reports that when the calls are placed on hold on a certain CO line that callers bounced down to a different CO line. Here is some info they sen to me:


I had one call yesterday that was on line 1 and line 2 at the same time. I was trying to pick up a call they told me that was on line 2? I picked up line 2 and it was for Vaughn Clark. Therefore, process of elimination, line one was the only line blinking so I picked up line 1 and it was the same person waiting for Vaughn Clark. I know you are going to say that this is not possible, but I experienced it firsthand. Then when I called down to the front office, they had my call on hold. I simply told them to get a number and I would call him back: a Waterville Police Officer ? that was embarrassing.


Any suggestions would be appreciated.



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Bump answer.


On the snom's it is generally better to use the extension mode. It seems that this CO-line topic is still not finished, we did some testing during the past few days and well, there were still problems monitoring CO lines (especially picking up parked calls). Version 2.0.2 will fix it, we will install a trial today.


Also, it can always happen that there is a race condition. For example, if two persons pick up a call at the same time, then it is unpredictable who will get the call. But I guess that was not the problem in this case.

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