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Ring tone over speaker on outdialling


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Just completing an install here with Snom 760 phones ( on SoHo (4.5.1075).


OCCASIONALLY (not every time), when making an outgoing call using the handset, when you press the tick key, there is a short burst of ring tone played over the speaker of the phone as the call is being setup.

This would be probably only 1/4 of a second or so, but is a nuisance and shouldn't be there.


Any suggestions on removing it ?





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Sorry Mr X, i'm a couple of hundred miles away from there now.


Trust me here, it's the contents of noise.wav (which in our case happens to be renamed ringback.wav from the audio_uk file set)


If you dial an external number, hold the receiver to your ear and press the tick key, as soon as noise.wav starts to play, some of it (say 1/4 second or so) is played through the phone speaker. Same tone, same cadence, same timing. Log file confirms that noise.wav was played.

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