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Trunk Failover


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First, we are running Epsilon Geminids (CentOS32), however, this problem was there on the previous version. We use shared lines, two trunk groups with the failover option set to "on all error codes". We use snom 3xx phones. If you use the speed dial or redial key, the snomONE first tries the prime line, gets a fail message, then sends the call on the second line. However, if you pickup the handset and start dialing, the prime line is selected, when the snomONE gets a failure, instead of re trying on the second trunk, it drops the call. We are running the latest version of the snom software, testing with a snom 370 (snom370-SIP 8.4.35 ).

Any help or thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

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There is always a work around. We programmed line 1 as a private line, now when we dial, the private line is pre-selected, the snomONE tries the call on the first shared line, gets a failure, goes to the second trunk group, also shared lines. Works perfectly. Just lights an extra light on the telephone.

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The actual solution that would be best for everyone would be to be able to dial digits on hook without preselecting a line. That is what happens when you use speed dial or redial, and both of them work, so if an option was added to the snom 3xx series to allow dialing without selecting a line, you would have to press the check mark since no line would be selected for a dial plan, but that would work perfectly. Probably quite possible to do.

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