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Intercom on Speaker

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I have removed a NEC system and replaced it with a Snomone system and the nec had a feature that the customer needs


if reception intercoms an internal extension the phone will ring (default), the customer would like the phone to page the one internal extension but also have two way audio with the internal extension because the staff are not always at their desks and its easier to shout out to them



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snomONE has two things: The first we call paging, which is unicast to a potentially large number of devices (e.g. snom PA1). This can be done over multicast but also with SIP calls. The second thing is called intercom, which is always 1:1 and bidirections. There is a star code for intercom (*90) that you can use for intercom (e.g. *90123), see http://wiki.snomone.com/index.php?title=Making_Calls_Codes. It is important that the extension has the permission to do this, because this feature can be offensive in offices, so the domain admin has to enable it for the extension.

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there is no drop down on the button profile on the Snomone pbx only on the snom phone


I still need BLF monitoring if i change the snom phone to intercom i will loose this feature



a perfect solution would be if i could dial the exetenion number allow the extension to ring then dial *90 to engage the speaker function




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