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CID for virtual telephone no.


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Hi all - new user so please be gentle!


We have a SnomONE (free)v. with a analouge gateway attached, phones are Snom 760's , this all works ok - calls come in/out via our analouge lines all ok.


We also have purchased a 'virtual' telephone number for a different area code an while this does ring one of the extentions when a call comes it we need it to be identifed with CID so who ever picks up the phone knows to answer as that company.


We have put the number (with/without prefix '9') in the doamin address book but it still doesnt showup with a name when a call comes in and cant see where else it could be!


helps & thanks!

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many thanks!!


ive made a hunt group and given it a name & account. i set the behavior 'from-header' to group name. when you dial the number the Snom 760 shows the telephone number (the virtual one) but not the name of the hunt group (correct phones in hunt group ring only shows the hunt group name when the caller hangs up strangly


many thanks

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In my test it worked. Which firmware version are you using for the snom 760? And what are the "correct phones" ?

Could you post or pm me the snom ONE log ? Please see here for instructions: http://wiki.snomone.com/index.php?title=Snom_ONE_log





many thanks for you help - we have got this working now by changing the hunt group to Group name as you sugested (sorry :rolleyes: :rolleyes: )

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