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CDR not coming

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We use Snom One Blue Version (Win64).


Snom does not send CDR to TCP port for some ACD calls.


Normally, Snom sends 2 CDRs to TCP port for ACD calls. You can see on the attached image below.




But Snom send only one CDR to TCP port frequently. As you can see on this image. This problem causes incorrect classification of these calls on the repors. Moreover, there is no information of record location path.




Please give me any solution urgently.

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The CDR URL can take more than one destination. Each destination must be seperated by a space. That means you can send the CDR to the TCP address *and* for example, out by email or to a CSV file.


I would use this feature to see where the problem is. If e.g. the CSV file has those records, then you can be pretty sure that there is a problem with the TCP connection.

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