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I have a problem with the CDR output to my 3 party accounting software



The main problem is that there are a lot of duplicate records for all calls (from SIP_FROM and SIP_TO numbers).


For example: for outgoing calls there will be 2 records reported, 1) the outgoing call 2) the incoming record. Why is the second record in the data?.


However the problem also occurs for incoming calls. Call Reporting software cannot combine the incoming calls to report each call as one, we see multiple records for incoming calls and throws out the totals. The reason for this is that there is no unique identifier for the calls, therefore linking the records, sometimes they get reported as incoming sometimes as outgoing even though the numbers report clearly indicate that it should be incoming. One thing we have noticed is that the number 6129683xxxx is the clients main number, so calls where there SIP_TO number is this number and the SIP_FROM number is not an extension should be an incoming call.


The PBX CDR String $10i,$v,$m,$f,$t,$3F,$3T,$x,$y,$R,$r,$4C,$4A,$4E,$4W,$4w,$3e,$o,$10c,$4d,$4s,$6M

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