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Omit certain extensions from Dial By Name


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Hi All,


We've got a few 'generic' extensions on our system, such as a break-room phone, that we'd prefer not appear in the auto attendant Dial By Name function. Is this as simple as not entering a First and Last Name in the extension setup? It would however be nice to have a descriptor (such as 'Breakroom') but I don't want callers who use the Dial By Name function to be able to ring that extension by pressing the letters B R E A, since if we had a Breanna in the office it would get confusing.


Hopefully this makes sense...



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Unfortunately, today there is no option to exclude specific extensions from dial by name feature. Maybe something for the future.


OK, for the meantime I can just name them something that won't match up with any of our employees. Luckily we're a small firm!



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