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I want to use the MOH of PBXnSIP to be played to the analog phones connected to a FXS gateway. The FXS gateway as a provision to use external MOH server for playing the music. It is not registered or configured as trunk with the PBXnSIP. In the gateway i specified the MOH URL as "moh.wav@IP address of pbxnsip" and see the gateway sending the request to PBXnSIP but says "not found". How do i create a MOH account in the PBXnSIP? Is this possible? Can i create an extension and point it to play a MOH for the gateway?

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I created an IVR and added the default MoH file of PBXNSIP. From a registered user if i dial the IVR number the music is played continuously.

I configured a trunk (SIP gateway) in PBXNSIP and specified the incoming calls to land on IVR. From the FXS gateway (not registered to PBXNSIP) I was able to send the MOH request to PBXNSIP but the music is not played to the analog extensions. In the logs i see the request from the FXS gateway is forwarded to the IVR. Why is it not playing the music? Is there any other settings? The logs are attached.


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