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Outgoing Audio Suddenly Choppy


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Hi There,


We're running 2011- Coma Berenicids (MacOS) on a MacMini running Snow Leopard. I haven't changed anything in our setup and yet today customers say our phone audio is choppy with lots of dropouts. Incoming audio (while on hold with the airlines for instance) is clear and smooth.

I've restarted the computer as well as out router and cable modem (but not the phones yet). Anyone have ideas on what might be causing this? Is restarting the phones a helpful troubleshooting step?


One other thing I noticed is that our our system status is indicating: "Available file system space: -18%". Yet we have over 100GB available on the hard drive. I don't recall what the available system space used to indicate previously though so I am not sure if this is relevant or whether it has always been that way.


Any help appreciated, thanks!


- Keith

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Dropouts over cable modem can have many reasons. We even had cases when the audio got choppy at 3 PM when all the kids in the area came back home and started playing online games--which overloaded the carrier backbone. Make sure you dont screw your system up because of factors that are outside. This is a great opportunity to backup your working directory of the PBX, so that later you can always restore the current state.


The PBX at least tries to keep track of the audio quality in those images that you can see on the status screen, and also on extensions and trunks. 4.1 is what you get in an ideal case (using G.711 codec). If you have numbers far below that, then the PBX is aware about the problem--which is in turn a clear indication that something is wrong with the network traffic.


-18 % does not sound healty. Maybe you can quickly check from the operating system if everything is okay. While you are on it, maybe you can also run the defragmentation tool to make sure we are not getting into a swapping issue here. A common pitfall (time bomb) for memory is that the PBX accumulates lots of CDR in the cdr* directories; this can eventually cause a lof of memory usage. If you dont need the CDR, you can just move the directories out of the way and restart the system. Make sure that you change the CDR duration in the system settings of the PBX, so that you dont run into the same problem again.


If all phones are affected, I guess we can forget about rebooting them.

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Interesting and thank you for the reply! I did end up rebooting all the phones and that seemed (for some reason) to solve the problem for now.


I checked the MOS in the call log and we're getting all "41" which I assume really means the "4.1" you were referring to.


In the next week or so I'll be upgrading our router to one that has some QoS settings so I can prioritize the SIP traffic -- within our LAN at at least. Hopefully that will help too.


As far as the CDR files, in the 3 CDR* folders I can see I have a total of about 60 files in each (180 total) amounting (in total) to less than 1MB so I can't imagine that's an issue.

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