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Redirect to Cellphone Message


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I have an extensions set to forward to the cell phone after 10 seconds. When it does this, it plays the message, "Please hold the line while the system re-directs the call".


Ive looked around and cannot find where I can turn this message off.


Anyone have any thoughts on disabling this redirection message?



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Why dont you just use the cell phone twinning feature? You can also tell the PBX to wait 10 seconds before start calling the cell phone.



I tried this too. It does work in the respect that the redirection message does not play, but he wants it to hit his cell phones voicemail, not snomone.


With other pbx's, I have been able to set the amount of time it rings the cell phone. I could set it for 60 seconds and the cellphone voicemail would pick up the call before the full minute had passed. The new system does not allow me to set the amount of time to ring the cell phone.


So 1 of the following 2 options would be preferred:


1. Remove the redirect message and leave the cell number in the "Call forward on no answer to:" field.




2. Increase the amount of time the cell phone rings so the cellphone voicemail answers the call before its kicked back to the office extension.


Thanks again - Sudo

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Every web page on the PBX can be customized. For that, log into the web interface as administrator, then make sure that you are in admin mode (not domain mode), then navigate to the web page settings, select the page where the cell phone timeouts are (some usr_core file I believe) and change the select HTML statement there. Then you should be able to select the values you added there.

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Maybe we are not understanding each other.


In the usr_core_redirection.htm I can modify the webpage, but this is not what I need.


I need to increase the amount of time it rings the cell phone. Im no wiz when it come to coding, but I can only modify the settings on the "Redirection" page. And none of these settings let me set the amount of time the cell phone rings.


The only time based feature I can modify are "Call forward no answer timeout" and "Include the cell phone in calls to extension". Both of these do not control the amount of time the cellphone rings.




I need to increase the amount of time the cell rings or remove the redirection message.

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The PBX takes any number which is set from the web interface. In old versions, we just used an input field where you could enter any number, for example 31415927. In order to increase the usability, we changed that to a HTML select element and propose only a few entries that make sense, hopefully. In your case, it obviously did not make enough sense. But with the ability to change the web page content through the web pages portal of the PBX, you can change it easily on your own and add those values that you would like to see. Then you can go back to the page and select the dropdown from the (new) list, including your changed number. We dont have to build a new software version for that.

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