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Cisco SPA112 or SPA122


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Being quite new to snom One, I got it up and running quite fast. Anyway, to completely replace our actual solution we still do need two Features:


a) connecting an Cisco SPA112 oder SPA 122 so that it can send / receive faxes either via G.711 or T.38.

B) finding a fax to mail solution which can be running on the very machine snom One is running on.


Anyway, a solution to a) is the next step. So: does anyone already have a sample config?



Peter Miller

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I just manually set up a SPA 112. It was pretty much straightforward, I don't remember changing anything. You might want to check the T38 settings and make sure that it changes to T.38 when it detects a CNG tone. The T.38 interoperability does not only depend on snom ONE and the SPA, it also depends also on the gateway or service provider. Anyway, for me it worked with no problems and I would just give it a shot.

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