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Polycom Overview


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We just converted a client over to Snom who has a conference phone (polycom soundstation ip 6000). I need to get this registered to our hosted SnomONE server. Is there a high level overview of provisioning Polycoms to SnomONE?


I'm also concerned about NAT issues with this device working with the remote server.


Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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The Polycom provisioning needs to be enabled in the license key; I guess that's already the case.


The provisioning templates for the Polycom devices are about two years old. While snom was taking care about snom ONE, there was obviously not much work done to keep that up to the latest; but I believe that the changes there must have been backward compatible and you can actually still use the firmware from then. NAT should be no problem, this was in a good shape for many years already.

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Thanks! I guess we'll contact sales. Is there anything I could verify to see if we are licensed for it? (Or would this feature be so obvious that I wouldn't be asking about it if it were there? ;)


I suppose I'm just concerned that I just don't know how to do it if it is there, but I'm guessing you'd select the model in the provisioning section and it would provide you a provisioning URL? (for option 66 in Polycom's case)


Thanks for your time/input.

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