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snomONE+ gradual deterioration


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One of our snomONE+ E1 is getting worse by the day. It started about 2-3 weeks ago when it will suddenly "freeze" not allowing any in/out calls. The web interface would also be not responsive and all phone will loose registration.

On the console connected directly to the VGA we would see nothing. The only way to get it back is to power cycle the unit.


As time has gone by, this started occurring once every 2 days, and now it has beed happening at least once a day, even on saturdays/sundays with 0 load/calls on it.


Nothing was changed in the setup/network/topology. It just seems dies at random times.


Any ideas? pointers as to what to look for and fix this??




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Ouch. At first glance, this looks like a hardware problem. If you have some network monitoring tool, maybe just ping it every so-and-so seconds to see if there is anything wrong. Anything special about the environment like you are in the Sahara or on Northpole? Stable power, humdity? Maybe you just had back luck and got a device that was in the edge.


If this proves to be a hardware problem, and you are in the warranty period you probably have to RMA the device. If you have a server sitting around, you might want to move the service to another standard PC platform, at least until the RMA device is back. I would definitively talk to the RMA guys to see how the switch-over can be made as smooth as possible.



Of course: Backup, backup, backup. If the hardware should go down forever, at least make sure that you have the configuration, so that you can resume from another hardware.

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Nothing special here: the system is racked in an IT closet with a whole bunch of equipment all chilled and cozy in a good environment with stable AC and good UPSs.


I'm doing daily backups right now. From some of the logs in the /var/ folder it may sees like a HDD issue. But I thought these boxes had SDD HDs which I thought were a little bit less prone to regular HDD issues. I guess I was wrong...

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