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Transfer on Hangup - not disabling


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Hi Guys,


Have an issue with calls transferring when the transferring party is hanging up the handset - This is bad and has resulted in a few situations where the external calling party has been able to listen on in confidential discussions.


The issue is present if the following action is taken -


Calling party calls in - Answered by A.

A places call on hold. Dials B via intercom *90EXT

A speaks to B - B does not wish to have call transferred.

A hangs up call to B and returns to external call.

A places handset on hook. Call is transferred to B (and is placed onto handsfree).


Using Epsilon Geminids (Win64) and Transfer call on hangup is disabled.


Edit: While I have this issue raised there also appears to be an issue with the display of client IP addresses within the SnomOne console. The first extension IP is correct however all subsequent IP's are listed as "http://%7Bx-snom-adr%7D/".

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We tested the same scenario here with the same snomONE software and with phone version (that's what was running in the lab). Everything worked without any issues.


On the IP address topic, are you referring to the "Accounts" page? Then these IP addresses are reported by the phones in the REGISTER message using "WWW-Contact" header. So please check the REGISTER messages coming from the phone to see if they are reporting the right info.

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Alright - Will do a bit more diagnosis and see what I can come up with re the transfer issue.


In regards to the IP issue it is being caused by the phones (WWW-Contact: <http://{x-snom-adr}:80>) - The first phone that was still correctly showing was on a previous release and was working - after restarting the phone yesterday and it updating it is now also not giving the correct IP address.



REGISTER sip:pbx.x.com.au SIP/2.0

Via: SIP/2.0/TLS;branch=z9hG4bK-40y8mt221f18;rport

From: "BC" <sip:45@pbx.x.com.au>;tag=gptix9lh3z

To: "BC" <sip:45@pbx.x.com.au>

Call-ID: 5200000037cf-p46y1hlf9828


Max-Forwards: 70

Contact: <sip:45@;transport=tls;line=fdv44357>;reg-id=1;q=1.0;+sip.instance="<urn:uuid:36f106c9-e8da-40de-88bd-00041345B328>"

User-Agent: snom821/

Allow-Events: dialog


Supported: path, gruu

WWW-Contact: <http://{x-snom-adr}:80>

Proxy-Require: buttons

Expires: 3600

Content-Length: 0

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