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Local calls failing with Snom One and Sangoma A101


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We are running Snom One v4.5.0.1090 on a Windows platform. To date we have been using this successfully with an Epygi E1 gateway. We have replaced the Epygi with a Sangoma A101 card and installed NetBorder Express 4.3.3. At the moment we are NOT able to make local calls only. All calls to interstate and service based (13, 1300 etc) are working correctly. When making local calls only Netborder logging shows the following:


2012-10-12 14:37:12:023 +1100 [1568:1600] INFO - netborder.pstn.sangoma.isdn.message.b1(B1 - A101_digital)di1(B1I1)-c10 : RECEIVING ISDN MESSAGE in LAPD PRIMITIVE DL_DA_IN via span 0


Crv: 0x8001

Codeset: 0


Len: 2

84: 1... .... : Extension indicator : Last octet

.00. .... : Coding Standard : ITU-T standardized coding

.... 0100 : Location : Public network serving the remote user (RLN)

82: 1... .... : Extension indicator : Last octet

.000 0010 : Progress Description : Destination address is non-ISDN


Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi, Can you turn on logging on the NBE? Please follow this article on how to these settings on.




You can also follow this article on how to active sip logging on the snomONE.




you can probably PM me the config file containing the "logs" and we can go which local number failed.

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