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Outgoing Caller ID selection

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I'm currently setting up a SNOM ONE for our company. We have a main number in Sweden, but since we have partners in both Germany and Denmark we also have local numbers for these two countries.


Currently we have:


1 x Swedish support

1 x Danish Supoort

1 x German Contact

1 x Danish Contact


Almost all extensions accepts calls from all 4 numbers, only a few are limited not to take calls from the number from the contact lines.


Currently all outgoing calls goes through the Swedish number, but it would be better for us if we could use the local numbers for cheaper calls and also to confuse our clients less. But I can't figure out how to setup this the best way.


As phones we are currently using SNOM 320 and i could set these up with outgoing caller ID, but I fear this will still allow the Extension from the SNOM one to send incoming calls to the phone, or is there anyway to limit the phone to not accept calls when i'm making outgoing calls from an other identity ?

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I have currently solved this by making some dial plans where we have to press [1-4]* for making an outgoing call. Depending on the number before the star we select the outgoing line, but it would be great, with a better solution.

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Why don't you just use a pattern in the dial plan? The Trunk that you use should be depending on the destination.


200: Pattern: 0049* Trunk-Germany

210: Pattern: 0044* Trunk-UK

300: Pattern: * Trunk-Sweeden


Also, you should check if your domain has the country code set, so that the pattern presented to the dial plan is always in the 00-format for international calls.

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