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UDP: recvfrom returns EAGAIN


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I've noticed for several weeks the following entry, in the snom ONE log:

UDP: recvfrom returns EAGAIN

It appears to be happening about twice per second, w/several entries to the effect of: Last message repeated 33 times

After a WHOis search, it appears to be a China IP address. So, I then added the following entry into the Access List:; but the same entries as above keep showing up in the log, although the IP address will change throughout the day.

Is this something to worry about?

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If you are running the PBX service on a public IP address, you get all kinds of crap. Especially in the past month there was a dramatic increase of attacks on SIP service. That is why it is so important to have a mechanism that automatically blocks this kind of traffic.


What is important as well is that you have a password policy on the PBX and that you watch these warning signs on accounts. When users choose trivial passwords like account 40 password 40, your system is risk! Also, make sure that all your trunks have the outbound proxy set, so that the PBX does not assume that such unidentified inbound traffic comes from a trunk.

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