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Change "anonyous" ANI to "unknown" ANI

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One of our customers has a SIP trunk to an ISP which does support anonymous calls.

However they are not following the RFC's and require anonymous calls to carry the following Caller-ID (ANI):

"Unknown" <Unknown>

This would be the anonymous Caller-ID that i presume active after *67 is activated:

"Anonymous" <sip:anonymous@anonymous.invalid>

Is there some way to change the RFC complaint anonymous Caller-ID by the one the the ITSP requires and be able to (de)activate it by *67/*68?


Best regards,



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Since version 4.5, we have the flexible headers now. This is a good step into the right direction. But you are touching a topic that is not well covered yet.


We might have to add a header set for anonymous calls and another one for non-anonymous calls. The concept of putting everything into one header set makes it very difficult; at least I am not able to give you a good answer.

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I was aware of the flexible headers. So I know it can be "fixed", although I did not try it yet.

But that it would be fixed both in the sense that it would send out the wanted Caller ID and that this would require changing the headers any time you want to change it (back).

But I understand that changing the resulting behavior of *67 is not possible at this moment.


Best regards,



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