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Extension swicthing between "main", "direct" (DDI) and "anonymous" Caller-ID

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One of our customers wants to be able to easily switch calls from an extension to external between the main trunk ANI, the phone DDI ANI and anonymous.

For switching to activate/deactivate anonymous calls we can use *67/*68.

Is there also some way to switch between the main/trunk ANI and the phones own DDI ANI for outgoing calls?





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This comes to my mind:


- use several extensions on the same phone and switch between them

- use shared lines (essentially that requires using snom phones)

- use a special dial plan prefix to force the call to go out on a specific trunk

I will check if using multiple extensions is acceptable.

As I understand it the behavior would be for the same trunk. However it suggests an interesting solution, use multiple trunks:

- one that the ITSP always hiddes the number

- a second one that the ITSP always shows the main number

- a third trunk that the ITSP allows the DDI number to be shown.

Using the dial plan prefix could make this work.


Thanks and best regards,



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