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Registration Question

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We have a remote extension that will initially register and then appears to not re-register.


I looked at the registration area in the PBX and it shows the Dialogs Registered for the BLF buttons and the phone/extension too.


Then after the registration times out the Dialogs for the buttons are still there (and will re-register) but the phone/extension drops out of registration.


I have seen something similar to this before and have resolved it by placing the remote phone in the DMZ of its local LAN Router.


This time I did that and it does not resolve the trouble.


Also, why do the Dialogs for the buttons re-register but not the phone/extension?



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My first though is that this phone got blacklisted. Especially when you have a lot of button subscriptions, the PBX receives a lot of requests that are not authorized, and then it blocks traffic from the address.


Check out the access page in the admin mode. You can white-list the phone there; then this will not be your problem any more. Alternatively if this is a snom phone, consider using the buttons profile.

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