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It didnt know it was a holiday

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Hello, new to the system and the forum here..


Running pbxnsip v4


I have an auto-attendant pointed to a service flag, which I had to set up sort of backwards...its the only way I could think of to set it up so it would act the way I wanted it to, and I have no experience with this sort of thing....


We have a number that I want forwarded off site during business hours, and forwarded to extensions inside our office during off-hours (see? kinda backwards). Its a utility company answering service, so it should ring their business office during on-hours and ring our office off-hours. So "night service" is just another 7 digit number outside our office, and the service flag times are after hours (M-F 00:01-07:59 16:29-23:59, and on weekends 00:01-23:59). So that it will auto forward to the main office during business hours, without the need for a menu.


I have the Holidays section all marched out with the dates like it should be...but this last Thanksgiving holiday it was forwarding off site as if it didn't know it was a holiday. I triple checked the dates, checked the PBX to make sure the time/dates were right, and everything looked great...I finally had to set it in manual mode for the weekend and reset it back to Day/Night mode on Monday morning...


The holidays line looks like:


01/01 04/06 05/28 09/03 11/22 11/23/ 12/24 12/25


It was 11/22 when I had the problem


Im afraid the same thing is going to happen on the upcoming Christmas holiday.

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I guess the system has the time right (e.g. check the time stamps in the log file). Also there is a extra slash after 11/23; but I think that can also not be the problem. Maybe anything wrong with the space? E.g. instead of a space character a TAB? If the first dates worked fine, then I don't see a reason why the others would not work.

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