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List of supported pnp phones


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One of my customers is keen to use Aastra dect phones and I'd like if possible to use the SnomOne as the pbx.


I'm sure I've seen a list somewhere showing the phones that are pnp supported by V5 snomone, but I can't find it anywhere. By supported I mean those phones that will auto-provision with the SnomOne.

Perhaps I've miss understood the V5 upgrade, but does this now mean that the SnomOne provides all the supported devices that pbxnsip did ?



If this list does exist would someone kindly provide this poor old fella with a link ?



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Thanks for the reply Mr X; is that manual registration or automatic ?


I can understand that just about any sip phone can be manually registered to the SnomOne.


However I would have liked a list advising those phones that would automatically provision with the SnomOne; perhaps even stating the limitations of the provision (for example - no address book etc). That said, if the SnomOne is still exclusively Snom phone pnp only then I'm fine with that as well.

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Version 5 is not only snom. You can for example also provision Polycom phones with it. In a nutshell, snom phones are (as the name snom ONE suggests) supported to the highest degree; but snom ONE version 5 continues where pbxnsip was when snom integrated pbxnsip. For example, Polycom phones can also be automatically be provisioned. In the next few weeks, we have to document the details on which devices are supported with what features.

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We are making progress, but this is not the final result. Actually, Grandstream is not even in the pnp.xml; we need to get some of those devices, start the integration and then add them to the documentation.


Last time I spoke directly with their sales team they were open to interop if you guys were.

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