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Allow callers to schedule appts. through IVR


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Just wondering if anyone has ever set up an IVR to allow callers to schedule appointments? I imagine that this capability would be attractive to snom ONE users in service industries. I came across the idea while browsing the Google Apps Marketplace: eSecretary IVR


eSecretary is a scheduling answer-phone service that allows your customers to self-book via our smart Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology.


Your customers can easily make their appointments to Google Calendar all day every day (24/7) through eSecretary IVR service. This service helps users manage their inventories online, centralize reservations, and process payments directly on their own website. Users benefit from lower staffing costs, easier organization and happier customers.


In this seamless service all calls are automatically answered by the eSecretary IVR which guides your customers through the appointment scheduling process, and reduces significantly the load on your staff and switchboard. Plus your customers never receive a busy signal or have to wait for someone to answer the phone. By adding it to your Google Apps cockpit and setup your own IVR phone number, your Google Calendar become available for scheduling with eSecretary IVR service.


Running your own business requires several mundane, yet important activities, such as appointment scheduling, time tracking, and billing your clients for your services. These activities consume a lot of productive time and shift your focus away from your main business. eSecretary IVR brings you a set of easy to use solutions for online appointment scheduling, billing and client management. The appointment scheduling service seamlessly integrates with Google calendar to manage your schedule at one common place.



Could something like this be implemented into snom ONE. I can guarantee that a lot of law firms, especially solo practitioners, would be interested in this!

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