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Domain Backups


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We've used the domain backup utility to move domains from server to server. One thing that seems to happen is that the personal greetings do not move with the domain or so it seems. For example, I just moved a customer to a new server and voice mails are now using the “generic” computer generated greeting (“this is the voice mail of…”) instead of our personally recorded messages.


Does the utility "grab" the recordings and Auto Attendants during the tar process or are the personal recordings left behind. If they are included in the backup process, how do I configure them to be used again? If not, perhaps this can be a feature request for future releases?


Thanks in advance.

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Well, this is supposed to work... Maybe a problem after updating from a version that supported only one personal greeting to a version with multiple greetings?


After closer inspection, it would appear that the greetings and auto attendants were moved with the domain but no longer being used. We did upgrade from to Could that be the culprit? In any event is there an "easy" way to re-associate the files?



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