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How to get SMTP set up on a 10.7.5 system?


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I have spent two years now trying to get snomone to run properly on a Mac - to no avail.


I wish I had known how much time I would need to spend to just get basic functions running - and I would not have even considered snom.


My setup: Mac OS X 10.7.5 server.


Here are some of my 'highlights':


1) All online documentation is completely outdated - no upgrade instructions are provided, installation is totally different than documented, and no one know what this snom admin console is for.


2) The Web interface intermittently stops working - for no reason - all you get on the login site is a blank, empty HTML page.


3) To this date, I have been unable to get the most simple function to work: sending emails! The SMTP server even runs on the same physical server !! I keep getting auth errors even though user and password are right - and yes, I have all the certificates uploaded.


4) On occassion, a reboot will completely wipe all settings back to factory settings.


For now, I would be happy if I got SMTP to work.


Can't we just use sendmail instead?


Again, my SMTP mail server resides on the same physical machine, user name and password are right, Certificates match, and we do not use TLS server side - so that would even make the certificate obsolete.


Any fasttrack solution?

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