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Max G711 calls on Snom Mini (yellow)


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In general, VoIP is much more difficult to predict that TDM. We use to compare the question to "how many emails can I send out with my email server per minute"--it depends.


Anyway, we have made some tests. With G.711 and nothing special we were actually able to get 30 calls going. That would be the "optimistic" case. In a more pessimistic case we got 10 calls working, where the G.729A had to do the transcoding. But there are even more pessimistic cases, e.g. call barge in to a call which is being transcoded and recorded.


Also, the PBX has a mechanism that rejects more calls when the load gets too high (not only for the mini). This should make sure that existing calls do not suffer when the system gets into overload.


As a bottom line, the mini is good for 10 "regular" calls. If you have a busy system, then your should consider using a standard server. You can try with the mini, and if you are experiencing performance problems you can backup your configuration and move it to a server.

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That sounds more like a license limitation. What are you using?


I am using a Snom Mini with Licensed for 20 extensions


So I tried the same voip line with our free snom in the office and get the same result. No more than 3 incoming/outgoing calls at once.


So I then tried the same voip line on another brand VoIP system we have here and we have no issues getting 8 calls at once.


Any ideas?

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There can be other reasons:

  • Did you set CO-lines on the trunk? Then you might just have to add more.
  • You can also limit the number of calls per extension ("lines" under the registration tab)
  • You may limit the number of calls in the domain (on admin level don't click on the domain link, instead click on edit)
  • And you can set the max number of calls in the system in the admin settings
  • I guess you did not change the performance threshold cutoff (the blue line that you see in the CPU usage graph on the status screen), which is by default at 75 %

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