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UC Client setup with local snomONE server not registering

Lyle Chritton

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I have snomONE Blue v4.5.1 located inside our firewall on our server with an internal NIC of (yes we do have an external NIC, but that is not for internal use).


I have a local internal IP address for my snomONE UCClient on the same subnet at


I have the latest version of the snomONE UC Client.


I have a username of "105".


The domain is set to "localhost"

Domain:won't take IP address (why not? every other softphone will! )


My Password (is the same web password the the user above) has been set.


Username: 105 won't work by itself


Password:I'm using the WEB password, but not sure if it's the SIP one either


I can't register no matter what I do.


I'm trying to fix a lot of issues before migrating to v5.


I'm hoping a snomONE softphone will fix the issues of not being able to blind transfer, attended transfer, any transfer, call-on-hold static, etc.


I thought I had everything correct, but ... UC Client won't take IP addresses for Domain! I don't need VOIP traffic going out of our private network, out through our broadband connection, and then back in... that's wasteful and stupid and must be avoided at all costs!!!


Any help would be appreciated.

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Not many using uc client?


I've just tried this and cannot get the client to register even by following what looks to be simple instruction on setting it up.


it appears that the Server: field populates with tls:// which isnt' correct, you need to remove this and enter // IP address of your pbx. This will then connect as long as you have the other details entered correctly,

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