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5.0.7 - I log in, then get blacklisted

Mr. Black

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Since upgrading to 5.0.7 it *sometimes* happens that I log into the admin UI successfully which shows in the syslog:


logged in from IP address 199.x.x.yyy.zzz, session 4wsx1li9cvtu1zvbr5v1


Then I click on a domain and successfully display the domain. I want to filter down to look at only extension or only agent groups (doesn't really matter what I click at that point) and BOOM! I get locked out. syslog reports:


The IP address 199.x.x.yyy.zzz has been blacklisted for 60 minutes

because there were 4 unsuccessful authentication attempts (http).

Please click on


if you wish to know the details about this IP address.


It only happens sometimes. Has anyone else seen this occur ? May be a localized issue (cookies)... I will try to find out more.

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Yea, this is becoming a useless pain in the neck. We'll change the algorithm so that the user gets only blacklisted if there are several real attempts to get into the system without having the right credentials.


Haha, the sooner the better. Nothing like 50+ emails saying i'm blacklisted until I white list my IP.

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